The Meat and Potatoes of Life by Lisa Smith Molinari, Elva Resa Publishing, May 1 2020, cover image

The Meat and Potatoes of Life Releases May 1, 2020

Writing became a lifeline for Lisa Smith Molinari, a way to bring order to the chaos and to find a way to laugh at everyday events. Her witty memoir, The Meat and Potatoes of Life: My True Lit Com releases May 1, 2020 from Elva Resa Publishing.

Military Spouses Advise Calm, Patient Response to DOD Travel Restrictions

Amanda Trimillos and Stacy Allsbrook-Huisman, authors of Seasons of My Military Student offer reassuring words to military families concerned about the latest DOD measures for corona virus: Stay calm. Make a plan for what is known, even if it’s short term. Be flexible and patient about what is unknown for now.