25th Anniversary Celebration

Elva Resa Celebrates 25 Years!

Founded February 3, 1997, Elva Resa’s mission is to make a positive difference in people’s lives. Throughout a year-long celebration, the Elva Resa team will share stories about the company’s journey and the impact of its resources.

Elva Resa celebrates 25 years of making a differenceFeb 3, 2022 Press Release: Elva Resa Celebrates 25 Years

“We strongly believe in the importance of community and the power of stories to transform lives,” says Elva Resa founder and publisher Karen Pavlicin. “Because of this core value, we tend to attract authors and team members who are passionate advocates. It is an honor every day to work alongside these active leaders and partnering organizations to make a difference in our communities.”



Celebrating 25 Years of Publishing Books That Make a Difference (15-second video)