Elva Resa Publishing is a traditional independent publisher based in Saint Paul, Minnesota. Our mission is to make a positive difference in people’s lives. We specialize in quality resources for and about military families.

Due to a large increase in manuscript submissions, we have changed our submissions process to a call for manuscripts only. (Also see our opportunities for freelance writers, editors, artists, and production specialists.)

Elva Resa Publishing manuscript submissions

Call for Manuscripts
Our recent open submission period for our Elva Resa imprint closed August 31, 2020. We do not anticipate another call for manuscripts before 2021.

If you are an outstanding author committed to your craft, platform, and community, and you have a strong voice, unique perspective, and exceptional book that informs, inspires, or encourages military families, please review our guidelines below. We look forward to your proposal during our next open submissions.

Your proposal should clearly show there is a need for your book in this market, you are the best author to write and promote the book, and Elva Resa is the right publisher.

If you have not written a proposal before, we recommend How to Write a Book Proposal (5th Ed) by Jody Rein/Michael Larsen.

Submission Guidelines
We are not currently accepting manuscripts. For your reference and future planning, the following are basic submission guidelines:

  • We accept ONLY electronic submissions. Please do NOT mail us a hard copy. Please use our online form to submit your proposal and manuscript/sample chapters.
  • We anticipate the next call for manuscripts to be open to fiction and nonfiction, all ages, for our Elva Resa military family life imprint. All submissions MUST relate to military family life and support Elva Resa’s mission.
  • Authors may submit directly or through an agent. Please indicate if you are simultaneously submitting your manuscript to other publishers.
  • Your work must be original, written by you, and you must own the rights to your work. We will consider previously self-published books if you own the rights and the book has sold more than 1000 copies.
  • When submitting your manuscript or sample chapters, please double space; use a readable font, such as 12-point Times New Roman or Calibri; auto number your manuscript pages; keep a 1” margin on all sides; and include your name, email, and phone number in the header of each page.
  • Send us your best work.
  • We will only consider complete proposals. This is an example of the information you should include in your proposal as well as manuscript or sample chapters we’d like to see for different types of books: Elva-Resa_Proposal-Outline.docx

During the next open submissions, you may submit your proposal in pdf format via an online form using the following file naming convention:
Proposal: LastName-BookTitle-Proposal.pdf
Manuscript/sample chapters: LastName-BookTitle-MS.pdf

Detailed guidelines will be posted with the next call for manuscripts. We accept submissions only during a call for manuscripts.

Thank you for your interest in Elva Resa Publishing.