Semper Parents: Supporting Your Marine and Sharing the Journey by Mary Regner, published by Elva Resa

6" x 9" 288 pages

ISBN 978-1-934617-64-9
Softcover 19.95

This book releases February 8, 2022, and will be available everywhere books are sold.

Semper Parents

Supporting Your Marine and Sharing the Journey

Your child has decided to become a Marine. What’s next?

Maybe your family has a long history of military service. Maybe the military lifestyle is brand new to you. Perhaps your child has been talking about joining the Marines for a while now. Or maybe their decision is totally unexpected. However you feel right now, another Marine parent has been there. Welcome to the Marine Corps family!

Many parents have mixed feelings when their children announce they are joining the Marine Corps. The unknowns can be nerve wracking, and each answer may lead to more questions. All the while, the relationship between parent and child is changing, and parents must learn to navigate this new relationship as their child transforms into a Marine.

In Semper Parents, author Mary Regner, a Marine mother and spouse, shares her wisdom as a seasoned Marine parent supporting her son through two decades of service, three combat tours, multiple deployments, and many moves. She helps new Marine parents better understand the risks and rewards of service, cope with concern and worry throughout their Marine’s career, and find purpose in the Marine Corps—for themselves and for their Marine.

A guide that is both comprehensive and comforting, Semper Parents is Marine Corps 101 and then some. The personal stories—from Mary and other Marine parents— are interwoven with practical guidance as parents begin the journey to become Semper Parents.


Publication date: February 8, 2022

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