Semper Parents

Supporting Your Marine and Sharing the Journey

Your child has decided to become a Marine. What’s next?

Maybe your family has a long history of military service. Maybe the military lifestyle is brand new to you. Perhaps your child has been talking about joining the Marines for a while now. Or maybe their decision is totally unexpected. However you feel right now, another Marine parent has been there. Welcome to the Marine Corps family!

Many parents have mixed feelings when their child decides to become a United States Marine. The unknowns can be nerve wracking, and each answer may lead to more questions. All the while, the relationship between parent and child is changing, and parents must learn to navigate this new relationship as their young adult transforms into a Marine.

In this comprehensive and comforting guide, Marine mom and spouse Mary Regner shares practical tips and perspective from several Marines, spouses, and parents with a variety of USMC experiences to help new Marine parents find purpose in the Marine Corps, understand more about military life, cope with concern and worry, celebrate traditions, and nurture changing relationships.

Publication date: July 12, 2022

Mary Regner

Mary Regner is a passionate advocate for military families. As a Marine Corps mom and spouse, she understands the questions and concerns that arise for a parent when their child makes the decision to join the Marines. She and her husband, Major General Mike Regner, USMC (Ret), have supported their son and his family through two decades of service, multiple combat tours and deployments, and many moves.

Semper Parents is the best guide I have ever seen for any family member or friend who seeks a deeper understanding of Marine Corps life in order to provide greater support … for their Marine.”
—Michael McNamara, president, All Marine Radio

“… this book should be read by every American servicemember, their parents, and their grandparents! … the lessons on relationships, deployments, transfers, and even tragedy have broad application across all services …”
—General James Conway, (Ret), 34th Commandant, US Marine Corps

“The guide all Marine parents need … shows how parents can join their Marine on this incredible and sometimes terrifying journey. … Read it, keep it nearby, and give it as a gift to the military family members you care about most.”
—Besa Pinchotti, executive director and CEO, National Military Family Association

“… an invaluable guide to help navigate the trials, tribulations, and beautiful victories of those serving and the family members who endure the journey of service with them.”
— Robin Carpenter, mother of Medal of Honor recipient Corporal Kyle Carpenter

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