Reviews for Semper Parents

Praise for Semper Parents by Mary Regner

“ … The pages contained in this book should be read by every American servicemember, their parents, and their grandparents. Today the services welcome family involvement like never before—and that is a good thing. Mary Regner informs that involvement by addressing virtually every aspect of service life, from boot camp through retirement … The title may make you think Marine, but my conviction is that the lessons on relationships, deployments, transfers, and even tragedy have broad application across all services; only the acronyms may differ. Semper Parents is an easy read, made even more so by Mary’s relaxed and personal style of storytelling. Take this book home and you will enjoy it immensely!”
—General James Conway, (Ret), 34th Commandant, US Marine Corps

“What a blessing Semper Parents is! Mary’s guide for parents of Marines, whether new recruits or seasoned warriors, is a critical ‘mission brief’ that pulls back the curtain on service in the Marine Corps and warmly welcomes parents into their new military family. Semper Parents is the perfect gift for Marine moms and dads, offering information, insights, and inspiration. The personal stories from Mary and other Marine parents will make you laugh, cry, well up with pride, and above all understand and appreciate the demanding and rewarding career your son or daughter has chosen. Semper Parents is a must read for all Marine parents!”
—Bonnie Carroll, president and founder, Tragedy Assistance Program for Survivors

“For many decades, military spouses have shared their valuable knowledge and experience with other spouses to ease their time in service to this country. Mary Regner’s book, Semper Parents: Supporting Your Marine and Sharing the Journey, presents this information to parents and other family members in a well-organized and easy to understand manner. This is the first time I’ve seen everything you need to know to support your Marine in one resource. Semper Parents should be on every Marine parent’s reading list. You’ll find yourself referring to it throughout the years, gaining strength from stories shared by people who’ve been there. Enjoy!”
—Mrs. Ellyn Dunford, 35-year Marine Corps spouse

“The guide all Marine parents need … shows how parents can join their Marine on this incredible and sometimes terrifying journey. The nuggets of wisdom and personal anecdotes are something any military family can learn from. Read it, keep it nearby, and give it as a gift to the military family members you care about most.”
—Besa Pinchotti, executive director and CEO, National Military Family Association

“… an invaluable guide to help navigate the trials, tribulations, and beautiful victories of those serving and the family members who endure the journey of service with them. I wish my family had this book when Kyle was injured in Afghanistan, but I am so thankful to Mary for the future generation of Marines and their families she will help with this book. Semper Fidelis, the Marine Corps motto, means always faithful and this book is a testament on how to be just that.”
— Robin Carpenter, mother of Medal of Honor recipient Corporal Kyle Carpenter

“When I was newly married to my Marine, I recognized Mary in the Camp Pendleton Commissary parking lot and chased her down, desperate for advice. … she took me under her wing and became my military mom. … she was the perfect example to a young newlywed of how to … embrace this amazing journey. … With her many years of experience as a military wife, military mom, in-law, and grandparent, there is no one better to help families navigate how to best support their military family member … get this book and a highlighter for your family and tell them this is their official manual.”
—Mollie Gross, comedienne and author of Confessions of a Military Wife

“Life is better with a mentor, and Semper Parents by Mary Regner is exactly that for anyone who has a loved one serving in the US Marine Corps—not just parents! … Mary provides insight into everything from the mission of the Marine Corps, to family life, to career paths, to long-distance relationshipsSemper Parents is the best guide I have ever seen for any family member or friend who seeks a deeper understanding of Marine Corps life in order to provide greater support … for their Marine.”
—Michael McNamara, president, All Marine Radio

“… a compassionate, informative book that will be a guide and comfort to parents who find themselves part of a Blue Star Family. It is full of practical advice and wisdom to help understand and support the important the work of the Marines … and their spouses and children.”
—Kathy Roth-Douquet, cofounder and CEO, Blue Star Families

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