Elva Resa to Release Bilingual ABC Board Book April 16, 2024

English-Spanish bilingual ABC board book by military spouse author-artists features military life concepts

(St. Paul, MN)—Elva Resa Publishing is excited to announce the April 16, 2024 release of Duck & Rabbit ABC military adventure / Pato y Conejo ABC aventura militar, by military spouse author-artists Jennifer Sipos and Jennifer Rose Freeland, translated by Gabriella Aldeman.

Releasing during Month of the Military Child—an annual national celebration honoring military kids—the narrative, bilingual board book introduces young children to military family life concepts. From boots to deployment, family to helicopter, parachute to walkie-talkie, the adorable main characters, Duck and Rabbit, journey through the alphabet on a military adventure.

Sipos and Freeland met at a coffee shop while their families were stationed at the same military base. “We started chatting over a painting Jen was working on,” says Sipos. “Through conversing, we discovered that our husbands flew in the same squadron, and we shared a first name. This revelation resulted in ten minutes of laughter, followed by years of friendship, creative critiques, and collaboration.”

They started this ABC book as a passion project and outlet during the COVID-19 pandemic. “We had both moved to new duty stations and were still finding our community,” Sipos shares. “I started sending my drawings to Jen, who would return them beautifully painted. The process was so magical and fun. We are thankful for this opportunity and excited to bring our book into the world.”

The 24-page board book features thoughtful watercolor illustrations, English and Spanish words for each letter of the alphabet, and hidden letters in the artwork.

“I hope the book will entertain, encourage, and unite military kids from different backgrounds and experiences,” says Freeland.

About the Contributors
Jennifer Sipos is the daughter of an Army veteran and has spent the past decade raising her children alongside her active-duty Air Force spouse. Stemming from her family’s experience, she has deep empathy for the challenges military children face and hopes to encourage them along this journey.

Jennifer Rose Freeland is a mom, teacher, watercolor artist, and military spouse. In addition to illustrating children’s books, she sells prints and commissioned artwork online and at local markets. She combines her illustration and military lifestyle experience to connect, encourage, and empower children of service members.

Gabriella Aldeman is a Panamanian American author and translator. Her picture books include Paula’s Patches and Squawk of Spanish. As Elva Resa’s lead Spanish translator and editor, she translated the Operación Aviación™ picture book series, including Vuela con Maytai (March 2024), El Tanquecito (June 2024), and La Misión de Alce (September 2024).


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Duck & Rabbit ABC military adventure / Pato y Conejo ABC aventura militar (bilingual board book) releases April 16, 2024. Ages 0-4.
Available for preorder at MilitaryFamilyBooks.com/ABC
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Title: Duck & Rabbit ABC military adventure / Pato y Conejo ABC aventura militar
Author-Artists: Jennifer Sipos and Jennifer Rose Freeland
Translator: Gabriella Aldeman
Publisher: Elva Resa Publishing
Publication Date: April 16, 2024
Distributed by: Military Family Books
ISBN: 979-8-88752-026-1
Format: 5.625″x5.625″ board book, 24 pages
Retail Price: $19.99 each
Case Quantity: 40

More information:
Book press page: ElvaResa.com/book/duck-rabbit-abc-military-adventure-pato-y-conejo-abc-aventura-militar/

Contributor press pages:

JUV009010 JUVENILE FICTION / Concepts / Alphabet
JUV009130 JUVENILE FICTION / Concepts / Language
FAM055000 FAMILY & RELATIONSHIPS / Military Families

Duck & Rabbit ABC military adventure / Pato y Conejo ABC aventura militar
Fecha de publicación 16 de abril de 2024.

Libro de cartón bilingüe por las autoras e ilustradoras Jennifer Sipos y Jennifer Rose Freeland, traducción de Gabriella Aldeman

Este libro bilingüe de páginas de cartón introduce a los niños pequeños a la vida familiar militar con términos como botas, despliegue, familia, helicóptero, paracaídas y walkie-talkies. ¡Únete a Pato y Conejo en su viaje por el alfabeto en una aventura militar!

Incluye detalladas ilustraciones en acuarela por las autoras e ilustradoras que son esposas militares, palabras en inglés y en español para cada letra del alfabeto y letras ocultas en las ilustraciones.

Jennifer Sipos ha criado a sus hijos junto a su esposo que es miembro activo de la Fuerza Aérea. Por su experiencia como hija y esposa militar, siente una profunda empatía por los retos y experiencias de los hijos de miembros del servicio y espera darles ánimo y poder apoyarlos en su recorrido.

Jennifer Rose Freeland es madre, profesora, acuarelista y esposa militar. Además de ilustrar libros infantiles, vende pinturas y obras de arte por encargo en Internet y en mercados locales. Combina su experiencia en la ilustración y el estilo de vida militar para conectar, alentar y empoderar a los hijos de los miembros del servicio.

Gabriella Aldeman es una autora y traductora panameña estadounidense. Sus libros ilustrados incluyen Paula’s Patches y Squawk of Spanish. Traduce libros para una variedad de editoriales y es la traductora y editora principal de Elva Resa. Tradujo las ediciones en español de la serie Operación Aviación™, que incluye los libros ilustrados Vuela con Maytai, El Tanquecito y La Misión de Alce.

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