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Operation Aviation is a series of rhyming military aircraft adventures, for children ages 4 to 8, featuring anthropomorphic fighter jets and a supportive cast of aviation friends. English and Spanish editions of the first three stories in the OA series will release in 2024:

Operation Aviation picture book covers: Fly with Mytai, Vuela con Maytai, Toad the Tanker, El Tanquecito, Moose on a Mission, La misión de Alce

Fly with Mytai and Vuela con Maytai (March 12, 2024)
979-8-88752-020-9 HC ENG / 979-8-88752-021-6 HC SPA
Mytai is an F-22 fighter jet with a need for speed! It’s the day of a big training exercise, and to win this airborne game of tag, Mytai will need help from many different kinds of planes. By working together and sharing their diverse talents, Mytai and her team accomplish the mission and demonstrate the power of teamwork!

Toad the Tanker and El Tanquecito (June 11, 2024)
979-8-88752-022-3 HC ENG / 979-8-88752-023-0 HC SPA
Toad is a KC-135 tanker, and he’s the most helpful plane in the sky! He shares his gas by “aerial refueling” to keep his friends—a formation of fighters and a big cargo jet—flying. Thanks to Toad and his giving nature, everyone stays airborne and accomplishes their missions.

Moose on a Mission and La misión de Alce (Sept 10, 2024)
979-8-88752-024-7 HC ENG / 979-8-88752-025-4 HC SPA
Moose is a big C-17 cargo jet who loves really big adventures! Join her on a mission as she cruises around the world, tackles some tricky kinds of flying, and makes new friends—at all altitudes! By working hard (and knowing when to take a break), Moose gets the job done and has a lot of fun along the way.

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Meet the OA creative team:

Author Teri Weber
Illustrator Brenda Harris
Translator Gabriella Aldeman
Editor Tamara Rittershaus
Publisher Karen Pavlicin


*The Operation Aviation TM logo was designed by Brenda Harris for Elva Resa Publishing.
Tower is a character in the Operation Aviation series illustrated by Brenda Harris.

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