Seasons Book Launch Kit

Thank you for supporting the June 1, 2018, book launch for Seasons of My Military Student: Practical Ideas for Parents and Teachers by Amanda Trimillos and Stacy Allsbrook-Huisman, published by Elva Resa!

On this page, you’ll find ideas for ways to support the authors with their book launch, and ultimately, to  support military kids and their parents and teachers with this great resource:

LEARN more about the book and the challenges military-connected students face.
The description on the book’s press page explains the need for the book and how it helps parents and teachers support military-connected students as they transition from school to school.

VISIT the website and share the link.
You’ll find an overview of the Seasons of Transition™, Education Binder, resources, and more at

ORDER the book—with a discount on preorders!
Buy the book for yourself or for a parent or teacher of a military-connected student.

SHARE your discount with friends.
Use this post on social media to be sure your friends and followers have all the details and the link:

Get tools and strategies for school changes and #militarymoves! Preorder #SeasonsofMyMilitaryStudent @ElvaResa with this exclusive code: CT2018-2 (Expires 5/31) Get $2 off already-discounted price on each print copy ONLY at @MilFamBooks

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Help us spread the word to organizations who need to hear the message of Seasons of My Military Student.

Share this flyer about the book.

Set up a virtual meeting between the authors and your organization to learn more about the challenges military-connected students face as they transition from school to school. For each meeting you arrange, you’ll receive a free autographed copy of the book, and your school or organization will receive a special discount (over and above the case/bulk discount) from Elva Resa!

For all organizations, case and bulk discounts are available (50 books/case) from Government and educational buyers may also send purchase requests to or call 651-357-8770 for quantity pricing. Custom-printed covers for school districts, military units, and other organizations may be ordered for quantities of 1000+ books.

Spread the NEWS.
Share the press release with your local and regional media, such as newspapers, TV, radio, school newsletters, and community magazines. Share the release, book flyer, and book press page with your professional associations, chamber of commerce, state department of education, and political representatives. The more we talk about the challenges military kids face in school transitions, the more aware and knowledgeable our community leaders will be as we equip our families and schools to support military students!

Follow us and join the discussion on SOCIAL MEDIA.
We’ve included handles, graphics, and suggested posts below. Please like, share, retweet, and comment on posts from other supporters!

Hashtag #SeasonsofMyMilitaryStudent on all channels

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Book Website


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Social Media Posts

Here are a few ideas for social media posts you may use or adapt:

Now through May 31:
New book by two military spouses, #SeasonsofMyMilitaryStudent helps parents & teachers guide #militarykids through moves, #deployments, school changes @ElvaResa Coming June 1! @TODAYshow @JennaBushHager

NEW schools, NEW friends, NEW teachers: Recurring challenges for #militarykids. NEW book coming June 1! #SeasonsofMyMilitaryStudent gives parents & teachers tools to help military students @ElvaResa @AmandaNbct @stacyhuisman @ByMoriah @valeriestrauss

Raising kids in mobile military life has challenges, including transferring schools. New book #SeasonsofMyMilitaryStudent gives parents & teachers tools to help #milkids succeed in school. Coming June 1! @NAFISschools @MIC3Compact @DoDEA @MilitaryChild

On June 1:
Book Launch Day!
Congratulations! #BookLaunch for #SeasonsofMyMilitaryStudent by @AmandaNbct and @stacyhuisman Helpful guide for parents and teachers of #MilitaryKids! @SeasonsofMilkid @military_family @MilitaryChild @MIC3Compact @DoDEA @DoDEA_Europe

Congrats! #NewBook #SeasonsofMyMilitaryStudent Practical ideas for parents & teachers of military-connected students by @AmandaNbct @stacyhuisman @SeasonsofMilkid @MIC3Compact @DoDEA @NEAToday @AAEteachers

Congratulations @SeasonsofMilkid on #BookLaunch! #SeasonsofMyMilitaryStudent A helpful guide for parents & teachers of #MilKids by #milspouse authors from @ElvaResa. #education @military_family @MilitaryChild @MIC3Compact @DoDEA @DoDEA_Europe

June 2 and after:
New book #SeasonsofMyMilitaryStudent gives essential tools and resources to guide military kids through #SeasonsofTransition & school changes from @ElvaResa. @military_family @MilitaryChild @MIC3Compact @DoDEA @TAPSorg

A military kid changes schools as many as nine times from pre-K to high school graduation—that’s a LOT of schools for one kid! Learn more from this new book by two #milspouses #SeasonsofMyMilitaryStudent #milkidsrock @ElvaResa @foxandfriends @brikeilarcnn

Raising kids in mobile military life has challenges, including school changes. New book @ElvaResa #SeasonsofMyMilitaryStudent gives parents & teachers tools to help military kids succeed in school. @BetsyDeVosED @sesamestreet @WeAreTeachers @educationweek

Need tools to help #militarystudents make healthy school transitions? Two #milspouse authors @AmandaNbct and @stacyhuisman offer strategies that work in their new book #SeasonsofMyMilitaryStudent @MilFamLife @ASCAtweets @AAEteachers @NASBE


Thank you again for advocating for military-connected students and for helping their parents and teachers support them in school transitions!

If you would like more information or want to get more involved with this important issue, please contact us at team[@] or 651-357-8770.

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