Reviews for Milspouse Strength

Praise for Milspouse Strength by Kendra Lowe

“ … Practicing these helpful tips will strengthen your ability to effectively meet stress when it happens and find the proper resources you need to help you on your journey … easy to read, well written, and filled with practical and useful advice … I strongly recommend Dr. Kendra Lowe’s book for military spouses, as well as for law enforcement spouses, and their family members.”
—Christi Luby, PhD, MPH, MCHES®, CFE

“All DoD military and civilian senior leaders should include Milspouse Strength on their recommended reading lists … Dr. Lowe not only acknowledges the unique challenges we face as military spouses, but she provides the tools we need to navigate what can often be a stressful way of life … There is no doubt her book will make a difference for years to come.”
—Leslie Janaros, US Air Force brat, veteran, and military spouse

“Truly outstanding! … Kendra captures the true essence of being a military spouse, the challenges, the resilience, the stress and the rewards … ”
—Robyn Grable, US Navy veteran and military spouse; CEO, Veterans ASCEND

“This is the ultimate must-have guide for all military spouses … a step-by-step guide that will enable spouses to build their individual skills, give them the ability to reduce their stress levels, and improve their emotional and mental wellbeing … comprehensive, concise and beautifully constructed, it can be read as a whole or used as a quick reference guide … ”
—Debbie Laaff, NATO resiliency trainer, international military spouse

“ … so many stories … resonated with me … reminded me that it’s not about ignoring the stresses or being ‘strong enough’ to not succumb to the impacts of stress; it’s about designing new strategies rooted in personal honesty that carry you through the valley … This isn’t a ‘take a self-care day, you’ll feel better’ book. It’s a ‘hey, this life can be hard and not all stresses are the same … find new ways to recognize the nuances and emerge stronger on the other side’ … ”
—Jen Pasquale, founder, Pride & Grit

“ … clinically and medically sound while being easy for a reader to follow along step by step. As a civilian clinical psychologist working for military families, what Dr. Lowe writes resonated … I’m so eager to share this book with families.”
—Dr. Mariah Coe, PhD, CPhT, EDIS, Naval Health Clinic, Bahrain

“ … gracefully leads you through steps to understand what stress is, understand that stress comes in many forms and many levels, and then guides you through steps and processes to learn to handle stressful situations … The tools and tips given throughout the book will leave you stronger and better able to handle all the stress that this crazy and wonderful military life throws your way … ”
—Suzie Schwartz, proud Air Force spouse

“Dr. Lowe does a wonderful job of explaining the stress cycle in a way that is relevant and relatable. She identifies common stressors that many military spouses experience throughout their member’s career. She uses evidence-based actionable strategies that are grounded in research and best practice to help military spouses break out of the stress cycle … ”
—Marinelle Reynolds, MSW, LCSW

“ … Dr. Lowe does an outstanding job describing and explaining how to identify stress and how to work through it … This book opened my eyes to a reality that so many of us experience, but somehow we put it under the rug instead of facing it and working through it … This book will not only help you see clearly but it will teach you some wonderful techniques.”
—Verenice Castillo, CEO, Military Spouse Advocacy Network

“ … a poignant, insightful approach to the challenges faced by military spouses … Dr. Lowe’s many relatable examples and her engaging writing style draw the reader in as she offers simple, practical ideas to help readers manage stress and carve a positive path as individuals and in their role in a military family.”
—Kathy Roth-Douquet, CEO, Blue Star Families

“I laughed and cried while reading this amazing book! What a wake-up call! Being proactive about stress management can catch you at the bottom of the roller-coaster. I really like the reflection sections throughout the book as they make you stop and really think about Kendra’s messages. I love the stories shared in each section and the practical advice, resources, and tools provided.” —Elizabeth Castro, 2019, 2020, 2021 AFI Camp Courtney Military Spouse of the Year

“Military life is a beautiful tapestry of heroic moments and immense hardships. Balanced mental, emotional, and spiritual health are critical for our military families … to handle the whirlwind lifestyle … and operation tempo that is critical to mission success. Milspouse Strength provides valuable skills, insights, and purposeful direction to help new and seasoned military spouses navigate the elevated stressors that only military families can understand … ”
—Kerri Jeter, Army veteran and spouse; founder, Freedom Sisters Media

“ … a must read for every military spouse! … keen insight into the challenges of military life … a plethora of user-friendly tips … The reader will come away with insights and tools to thrive as a milspouse.”
—Janet Kerr, MA, LPC

“ … So often we are called upon to step into roles with little to no warning or training, and by using this book a milspouse would be able to set themselves (and others) up for a positive and successful experience. Milspouses, this book is for us and written by one of our own. It is impossible not to find yourself described in one of the stories or examples.”
—Brenna Van Stone, Air Force key spouse, milspouse employment networking specialist

“ … a must-read for military spouses … to learn and understand the circumstances and harm of stress, the outcome and capabilities of the mind, and the tools, questions, and reflections to manage through it all.”
—Sabina W. Zarlenga, MS, LPCC, NCC, CCTP, Army spouse


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