Milspouse Strength: Changing the Way You See and Respond to Military Life Stress Releases Jan. 11, 2022

Guide Helps Military Spouses Transform Cumulative Stress into Personal Strength

(St. Paul, MN)—Elva Resa Publishing, an award-winning independent publisher specializing in books for and about military families, is pleased to announce the January 11, 2022 release of Milspouse Strength: Changing the Way You See and Respond to Military Life Stress by Kendra Lowe.

In Milspouse Strength, Kendra draws from her experience as a veteran, military spouse, and trained psychologist to guide readers through understanding both positive and negative stress, healthy ways to respond to stressful situations, and ultimately how to transform stress into strength.

“Stress and challenges are not unique to the military community, but military families experience higher frequency and duration of stress,” says Kendra.

During prolonged, repeated months of separation due to their service member’s training and deployment, military spouses endure feelings of isolation, heightened concerns for their service member’s safety, and additional parenting and home responsibilities. Moving every one to three years puts military spouses in a constant state of readjusting to new communities, reestablishing friendships and support systems, and finding new employment. In this difficult cycle, most military spouses barely recover before experiencing a new challenge. Many military spouses, and their civilian neighbors, are unaware of the impact of this constant and cumulative stress and the significant weight it bears.

“Unsuspectingly, many military spouses perceive such stress as normal, unaware of how dangerously close they are to clinically-significant levels of emotional, social, or physical distress,” says Kendra. “I wrote this book to help more military spouses find relief and hope by practicing techniques that help them better handle the significant stress built into military life.”

The information in Milspouse Strength is presented in five sections: Understand, Self-Assess, Respond, Manage, Grow. The examples, tools, and personal stories woven throughout the book keep the straightforward guide accessible and relatable. Each chapter includes reflection prompts to help readers practice and apply what they learn to their own situations.

Kendra says her goal in writing the book is to “help military spouses debunk the complex nature of stress and cope with the perpetual challenges military life presents. These tools help military spouses self-assess the significance of the stress, respond in healthy ways, and prepare for future challenges by viewing stress through a different lens. Over time, the techniques will help readers not only better manage stressful situations as they encounter them, they will also recover faster and become stronger in the process.”

About the Author
Kendra Lowe, MSc, EdS, EdD, NCSP, LSSP, knows about military life stress first hand. A United States Air Force Academy graduate, Kendra served six years of active duty in Security Forces and Personnel. She has been a military spouse in the Special Operations Community for more than twenty years. She earned three graduate degrees researching the social and emotional well-being of military families. The founder and CEO of Thrive On, LLC, Kendra has made it her mission to help military spouses and families manage the unique stress that accompanies the traumas, setbacks, successes, and celebrations in military life. She is a sought-after international speaker on military family well-being and mental health resiliency.

25th Anniversary Celebration
The January 2022 release of Milspouse Strength kicks off Elva Resa’s 25th anniversary celebration. The year-long campaign will highlight the challenges and rewards of military family life, with resources to support military families and their communities. Elva Resa’s mission is to make a positive difference in people’s lives. Its authors and team members actively advocate on behalf of military families. The company partners with organizations around the world to support military family programs.


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Title: Milspouse Strength: Changing the Way You See and Respond to Military Life Stress
Author: Kendra Lowe, MSc, EdS, EdD, NCSP, LSSP
Publisher: Elva Resa Publishing
Publication Date: January 11, 2022
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ISBN: 978-1-934617-63-2
Format: 6″ x 9″ Paperback, 144 pages
Retail Price: $19.95
Case Quantity: 50

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