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Follow Your Dreams While You Follow the Military

Kathie Hightower and Holly Scherer have partnered since 1993 to research, create, and present the workshop Follow Your Dreams While You Follow the Military for military spouses all over the United States, Europe, Japan and Korea. The information provided in this three-hour workshop was expanded into the book Military Spouse Journey.

As a participant, you’ll learn to:

  • Clarify dreams and achieve goals
  • Reduce stress and create “flow”
  • Maximize possibility thinking
  • Thrive on change and challenge
  • Become aware of resources available to you as a military spouse, many that you may not have known about even though you may have been married to the military for years.
  • Add play, laughter, and fun to life!

“Eleven years married to the military, and I walked away with more in three hours than I did in all the time before this class.” — Janelle Abbott, Hohenfels Germany


Kathie and Holly also copresent keynotes and speak on panels at conferences.

Popular offerings:

Keynote (40-90 minutes)

  • Make the Most of Your Military Journey
  • Five Keys to Happiness as a Military Spouse

Keynote (40-90 minutes)

  • Three Things to Hate, to Love, & to Learn…About Military Life

Keynote (40-90 minutes)

  • “What the heck is my child getting into?…and how can I best support him or her in this military life?”

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The main goal of the Follow Your Dreams workshop and keynotes is to improve the well-being and resiliency of military spouses by:

  • Empowering family members to take responsibility for, and action toward their own joy in life.
  • Showing spouses how military life is full of possibilities for themselves personally and for their own dreams.
  • Helping each workshop participant leave impressed with themselves and what they can do; knowing what changes they want to make and knowing they can take action.
  • Providing a fun, interactive, motivational experience full of information that spouses can put to immediate use in their own lives. Benefits to spouses:
    1. Clarify dreams
    2. Create “flow”
    3. Achieve goals
    4. Reduce stress
    5. Boost energy and enthusiasm
    6. Thrive on change and challenge
    7. Overcome obstacles
    8. Add play, laughter & FUN to life!

“This workshop really helped me change my mindset from what am I missing, to what can I do to improve my life, and how to go about it.” —Shauna Attaway, Korea

The added benefit of this workshop? To help family members be forces for retention rather than for separation. Spouses who adopt an attitude of creative/ positive/ possibility thinking—who are excited about their own lives— have a positive effect on military readiness and retention.

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More Workshop Reviews

“If any of you hear of their workshop coming to your base RUN, don’t walk, to sign up! They are wonderfully supportive, informative, and funny ladies! I had a wonderful time and learned a lot even though I thought I knew a lot before I went!” —blog posting on Military Spouse Support Network after a workshop in Kaiserslautern, Germany

“You were fantastic speakers. It is so nice to hear from people who have lived the life and who have walked the walk.”
—Carol Stone, Hohenfels, Germany

“Wunderbar! I have gained worthwhile and valuable information on how to turn my dreams into reality. I wish I had a seminar like this to attend fifteen years ago, but am glad I do now.” —Gwendolyn A. Williams

“For anyone who is depressed, down, missing their spouse, it’s for them. For anyone not sure of what direction in life to take—career, hobbies, crafts, etc.—it’s for them. It’s a wake-up call. It lets you know you can do anything you desire and points out people who have.”— Felicia Streeter

“Very motivating! Makes you not want to be a couch potato.”— Barbara Connors

“You both make a great team. Thanks for making my life less stressful.” — Blanca Howes

“I’ve never enjoyed anything so much yet learned at the same time.”— Cynthia Behr

“This would have saved me a year of crying at Parris Island.” —Susan M.

“You two are like peanut butter and jelly…so different but go so well together!”

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