First Lady of the Marine Corps Selects Elva Resa Books for 2014 List

Mrs. Bonnie Amos, First Lady of the Marine Corps, selected two Elva Resa Publishing books for her 2014 Recommended Reading List: Military Spouse Journey: Discover the Possibilities & Live Your Dreams by Kathie Hightower and Holly Scherer and Life After Deployment: Military Families Share Reunion Stories and Advice by Karen Pavlicin.

Military Spouse Journey offers inspiring success stories of military spouses who have followed their career and personal dreams in the midst of military life’s challenges. The book has research-based ideas and exercises to help readers explore passions, strengths, and goals, and discover possibilities for their life dreams. A positive message encourages military spouses to tap into the richness and possibilities of the unique military lifestyle and to create an action plan to move toward dreams, even when it seems impossible.

Life After Deployment follows military families from all service branches during their reunion after deployment and other periods of separation. Service members and their spouses, parents, fiancées, and children share the joy and anxiety of homecoming, the adjustments of living together again, and how they coped with anger, depression, PTSD, injuries, grief, and other challenges. These families talk candidly about their experience, offering hope, ideas, and advice to other military families.

Several book signings and meet-the-author events are planned around the world, hosted by Mrs. Amos.


ELVA RESA PUBLISHING LLC is an independent publisher based in St. Paul, Minnesota, whose mission is to make a positive difference in people’s lives. Its primary imprint specializes in books for and about military families.

Elva Resa’s online store,, is a proud supporter and partner of the Marine Corps Exchange, supplying select books from the FLOTMC list for those families not near an MCX.

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