Survivor's Obligation: Navigating an Intentional Life by Chris Stricklin and Joel Neeb, Elva Resa Publishing

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Survivor’s Obligation

Navigating an Intentional Life

Chris Stricklin ejected from the F-16 he was piloting during a Thunderbirds air show. Joel Neeb was diagnosed with a rare and often fatal cancer. Against the odds, both survived.

Chris and Joel met years after their individual life-changing events and discovered they both had a desire to share their stories to help others. They resolved to fulfill what they call survivor’s obligation—a responsibility to live an intentional life—for themselves and their families, and in honor of those who didn’t get a second chance.

In Survivor’s Obligation, Chris and Joel share the true stories that transformed their lives. They explore the questions they asked themselves about why they received a second chance at life when others did not. Along their journey of healing, they discovered the power of gratitude, growth, and giving to help them navigate their everyday choice to live intentionally.

Reflection questions in the back of the book allow readers to find connections in their own lives and inspiration for navigating an intentional life.

“… two incredible personal stories of survival … This book is for anyone traveling the unpredictable path of life.”
—Lee Woodruff, coauthor of The New York Times bestseller In an Instant

“This book will definitely change your perspective. … A must read!”
—Susan Hendricks, anchor, CNN Headline News / Weekend Express

“ … Chris and Joel teach life-changing messages through their dramatic and powerful stories. Trust me … you need to read this book!”
—James C. Hunter, international bestselling author of The Servant

“ … Compelling and raw … we can overcome emotional and physical trauma by choosing to focus on gratitude, growth and giving … Everyone needs inspiration. Survivor’s Obligation delivers!”
—Deborah Lee James, 23rd Secretary of the Air Force, and author of Aim High: Chart Your Course and Find Success

“Most of us discover we are mortal when it’s too late, but Survivor’s Obligation offers this wisdom right now. To do as the Zen masters advise—to die before you die so you can truly live—you must read this book.”
—Fred Kofman, leadership development advisor at Google and author of Conscious Business and The Meaning Revolution

“… Hearing from true survivors should inspire all of us to thrive with a life of purpose and intentionality … Thank you for opening bare your life and struggles for us to all be challenged and encouraged by…”
—Pat Gelsinger, CEO VMware, author of The Juggling Act, and founder Transforming the Bay with Christ

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