Right Side Up by Judy Davis Releases Sept 1, 2014

Right Side Up: Find Your Way When Military Life Turns You Upside Down by Judy Davis

Strategies to help military spouses respond to uncertainty and stress, and embrace military life

Title: Right Side Up: Find Your Way When Military Life Turns You Upside Down
Author: Judy Davis
Publisher: Elva Resa Publishing
Publication Date: September 1, 2014
More information: ElvaResa.com
Available from: MilitaryFamilyBooks.com, Amazon.com, major booksellers and wholesalers
ISBN: 978-1-934617-32-8
Retail Price: $12.95
Format: 5.5″x8.5″ Paperback, 144 pages

(St. Paul, MN)—Award-winning independent publisher Elva Resa Publishing is pleased to announce the September 1 release of Right Side Up: Find Your Way When Military Life Turns You Upside Down by Judy Davis.

Military life is often filled with change, stress, and uncertainty. While this lifestyle can be overwhelming at times, each challenge can also help military family members grow in unexpected, positive ways. This practical and motivating personal guide helps military spouses define their own role and expectations for military life. Through real life examples, thought-provoking exercises, and introspective journaling prompts, readers learn to identify their own stress triggers and emotional reactions, and create strategies to calm chaos, deal with drama, and respond to change. A personalized Right Side Up Plan in the back of the book captures the tips and techniques from each chapter readers find most helpful for their unique needs and personality.

Author Judy Davis has experienced the trials and drama of military life firsthand as the wife of an active duty Army combat engineer. About her book she says, “I wrote Right Side Up to give military spouses the tools and inspiration to overcome the challenges they face on a daily basis. By focusing on the emotional side of military life rather than the logistics, my goal is to help them see that the military lifestyle can be an opportunity rather than a burden.”

Book Features:

  • “A Glimpse of the Life” personal stories and examples from the author’s life
  • Strategies and tips to calm chaos, flush stress, deal with drama, respond to change, and embrace military life
  • Reflections and exercises to help readers apply the information to their unique situation
  • A guide at the back of the book to create a personalized “Right Side Up Plan” with tips and techniques from each chapter mixed with the reader’s own ideas

About the Author:

Known by military spouses around the world as The Direction Diva, Judy Davis is a motivational speaker, lifestyle blogger, and military life consultant. Through her workshops, writing, and speaking, she strives to inspire military spouses one moment at a time.

Judy was named Fort Carson Military Spouse of the Year in 2013 and 2014 and was a nominee for the national 2014 Military Spouse of the Year award. She is an active volunteer in her local community. She and her husband, Geoff, are currently in the midst of moving from Fort Carson, Colorado, to Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri, where Geoff will continue his duties as an active duty Army combat engineer. They have two grown children.

Judy recognizes that there is no one-size-fits-all answer to living a happier life—military or otherwise—but hopes the exercises in her book will help military spouses create their best plan based on their own needs, personality, and insights. She says, “My goal is to help milspouses fully embrace this life. I believe each of us can find balance and joy when we cut the yuck, make ourselves a priority, and discover opportunities within the constant change of military life!”

She plans to use the strategies in her book to calm the chaos in her own life as she moves her household across country while promoting the release of her first book.

Right Side Up: Find Your Way When Military Life Turns You Upside Down will be released September 1 and is available at www.MilitaryFamilyBooks.com.


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