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Praise for books in the Operation Aviation™ series:

Fly with MytaiFly with Mytai by Teri Weber, illustrated by Brenda Harris, published by Elva Resa

Fly with Mytai is an entertaining story that will keep readers engaged and excited to see what happens next. The writing and illustrations rooted in real-world fighter pilot tactics bridge the gap between its military inspiration and young readers. Fly with Mytai is a mission success!”
—Michelle “MACE” Curran, former USAF Thunderbird pilot, author, speaker

Fly with Mytai is a fun and exciting story to introduce children to the unique world of military aviation.  Although the hero of the story is Mytai, the author very accurately describes the team effort that takes place to accomplish a very complex mission. I believe this book will open the door and inspire future aviators for many generations to come!”
—Steven “Chewy” Augugliaro, F-22 pilot

Fly with Mytai is an awesome children’s book that follows the adventures of Mytai, a courageous F-22 jet, on her big day facing professional aggressors. … the book is not only an easy read for toddlers but also a perfect bedtime story for little ones with caregivers connected to aviation. The storyline is engaging, filled with relatable references that both aviation enthusiasts and newcomers will enjoy. The seamless blend of story and realistic illustrations truly brings Mytai to life. Highly recommended for young readers and aviation enthusiasts alike!”
—KGH, F-22 pilot

What a delight this book is! In a uniquely engaging and whimsical way, Fly With Mytai takes us on a journey with Mytai the F-22 fighter jet as she engages in a training exercise. The lyrical style of writing and the unbelievable illustrations will capture any child, though military children especially will delight in a book they see their own lives in. Rich with lessons about joy, hard work, not quitting, and teamwork, Fly With Mytai makes for excellent discussion after reading about how to finish well, support your teammates, and think about how to improve for next time. As a military family, it means so much to see our life represented! Thank you!”
—Sarah Sandifer, military spouse and mom of 3; host of the podcast Keep Your Courage: Stories to Strengthen the Military Spouse

“A fabulous integration of language art, aviation education, and friendly communication! Author Teri Weber’s passion for aviation and sky-high teamwork had me nodding my head in agreement, as a fellow aviator. The rhyming text and descriptive illustrations had me applauding, as a fellow author. The harmonious unity of Weber’s language, aviation background, and her emphasis on friendly communication had me page-turning, as an avid reader. Fly with Maytai will make a worthwhile addition to aviation enthusiasts’ bookshelves and will inspire readers interested in exploring military teamwork. I especially appreciated the crew’s honest debriefing. That part strips down preconceptions that everyone in aviation flies at a top level, free of errors, and shows instead that crew members improve themselves every flight. It’s a great message for kids to see we are all fallible.”
—Erin Mariah Murphy, United Airlines Boeing 767 first officer; author of
Halfway Home

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