Elva Resa Launches MilitaryFamilyLife.com

Military family authors share tips on deployment, mobile life, relationships, & more

November 2017

(St. Paul, MN)— As part of its twentieth anniversary celebration and in honor of National Military Family Month, award-winning independent publisher Elva Resa Publishing launched Military Family Life in November. An online resource offering information and encouragement to military families, the primary website MilitaryFamilyLife.com shares tips and advice on topics like deployment, mobile life, relationships, and wellness.

Many of the tips shared on the new site come from Elva Resa’s books and its family of military-connected authors, who “share their experience with the hope it will make this life a little easier, a little more meaningful, for a fellow military family,” says publisher Karen Pavlicin-Fragnito.

“We focus on the topics that form the backdrop of military life: the ongoing adjustments of spending time apart and coming together again; transitioning to new locations, jobs, and schools; and taking care of yourself and your relationships amid an often-stressful life of service,” says Pavlicin-Fragnito. “No matter what stage of military life you are living—newly married, going through your sixth deployment, or getting ready to retire after a long career— military life is better when you go through it with friends who get it.”

Elva Resa’s team of authors, illustrators, and editors is grounded in the military community. Many actively advocate for military families and several have been named Armed Forces Insurance Military Spouse of the Year for their supportive efforts. Elva Resa’s team of publishing professionals also brings many years of experience with military life – as spouses, children, siblings, and parents of service members.

“At every level, our resources for military families are handled with care by people with decades of military family experience,” says senior editor Terri Barnes. “Using what we have lived out and learned, we work together with a purpose: to make a difference in people’s lives. Military life is not meant to be a solitary journey. We are grateful to be part of the military family and to be there for others as they live this lifestyle.”

The company’s other content sites, such as SurvivingDeployment.com, will migrate and point to MilitaryFamilyLife.com.

The content is meant to be evergreen, says Barnes. “Military Family Life isn’t about the news cycle, or issues that divide us. Those things come and go,” she says. “Here, we focus on what is always with us, what military families share, the ways we help each other, and the victories we celebrate together. Military Family Life will grow into a place where we celebrate all that is inspiring, challenging, and unique about military life. It’s a gathering of friends supporting one another.”

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