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The Wishing Tree

Amanda understands her dad is making the world a better place, but it doesn’t make his military deployment any easier. Come along Amanda’s journey of hope as she creates a wishing tree during her dad’s year-long military deployment. By writing her thoughts and prayers on yellow ribbons and tying them to the branches, Amanda is able to express her feelings and feel connected to her dad’s daily life. As she wishes for her dad to enjoy good meals, make new friends, and return safely, the little tree comes to life with yellow ribbons of hope.

This heartwarming story beautifully illustrates the range of feelings a child experiences when a parent is deployed, the power of hope and prayer, and the joy of a parent returning home.

Wishing trees exist in many cultures as a way to bring people’s innermost thoughts and prayers to life. Amanda uses her wishing tree to express her feelings while her dad is deployed for a year. Children can also create wishing trees to stay connected to parents traveling for work, grandparents who live far away, and even special friends between visits. Learn more about creating your own wishing tree.

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Mom’s Choice Awards® Gold Recipient

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