Military Culture Shift

The impact of war, money, and generational perspective on morale, retention, and leadership

Based on more than 15 years of research, Military Culture Shift offers insights from the counseling office as well as perspectives on the effect of Department of Defense budget decisions, changes in generational views of authority, and emerging social trends within the military community post-9/11.

Whether you are a military leader, historian, politician, educator, counselor, service member, or family member, Military Culture Shift will encourage you to understand and embrace:

  • How past decisions have led to the current state of wellness
  • Generational differences in motivation and views of authority
  • Ways in which learning styles impact training
  • Why families aren’t turning up for in-person and social events
  • Communication shifts that impact cohesiveness
  • Information distribution strategies that help
  • Leadership strategies to influence positive changes going forward
Photo of Corie Weathers, author of Military Culture Shift (Elva Resa 2023) and Sacred Spaces (Elva Resa 2016)
Corie Weathers

Corie Weathers is the author of Military Culture Shift: The Impact of War, Money, and Generational Perspective on Morale, Retention, and Leadership (Forthcoming, November 2023) and Sacred Spaces: My Journey to the Heart of Military Marriage. Over the past two decades as a clinical consultant, she has specialized in marriage, military culture, special forces, and leadership development. A sought-after speaker and consultant, Corie facilitates transformative workshops and retreats for service members and families across the globe. In addition to providing subject matter expertise on military culture, Corie consults organizations and institutions on building trust, creating impactful programming, and working within a multi-generational team.

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