100 Days Smart

A kindergarten teacher shares lessons on life, learning, and community during the COVID-19 outbreak in bella Italia

Karin Tramm’s kindergarten class at DoDEA Vicenza Elementary School on Caserma Ederle Army Base, Italy, was counting up to a magic day—the 100th day of school—when students would be 100 days smart!

“Mrs. Tramm, is that the last day of school?” a child asked.”

Goodness no, there are a lot of numbers bigger than one hundred,” Mrs. Tramm explained, “and we will be in school for many more days after the hundredth day.”

But then, on February 21, 2020, the 100th day of school, COVID-19 changed everything. From empty classrooms to kindergarten in the kitchen, teachers, parents, and students navigated uncharted waters as their world locked down in the epicenter of the Italian outbreak. For the next 100 days, residents of Vicenza learned to find joy in simplicity, country living, and community.

In diary form, 100 Days Smart highlights their resilience, recognizing and remembering the fears and frustrations, humor and humanity of shared experiences on a new path forward.

Karin Tramm, author of 100 Days Smart
Karin Tramm

Karin Tramm is the author of 100 Days Smart, a memoir about her experiences as a kindergarten teacher at a US Army base in Italy during the early days of the COVID-19 outbreak.

As an early childhood educator and military spouse, Karin has lived and taught around the world, including sixteen years in Vicenza, Italy.

“… one of the most delightful and charming books I’ve read in a long time … humor throughout … a heart-warming and very well-written book …”
—Barbara Ferg-Carter, Ed.D., retired Chief of Staff, District Superintendent’s Office, DoDEA Mediterranean District

“… a joy to read … Part travelogue, part journal, part instructor’s guide, 100 Days Smart is a memoir that documents recent history in an entertaining and inspiring way … a great gift for classroom teachers or any parent …”
—Circe Olson Woessner, author of Poetry and Prose in a Pandemic

“… a charming insight into daily life for families on an American military base … This is a book that all of us who have lived through COVID can relate to….”
—Judy Bloomberg, author of Always a Traveler, Never a Tourist

“… Told with humor, love, a large amount of thinking outside the box as a teacher, and vino deliveries … Tramm takes us on a heartwarming wild ride of being an educator during the height of COVID-19.”
—Cheryl Johnson, author of (forthcoming) My Brother Goes to Boot Camp

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