Brenda Ehrmantraut

As a teacher, Brenda Ehrmantraut spent years filling notebooks and journals with stories and ideas.  Her first book, I Want One Too!, won the Grand Forks, North Dakota, Elementary Library Book Award in 2005.

Her second book, Night Catch, was inspired when her brother deployed to Iraq and Brenda wanted to create a story that would connect and comfort his family during their year apart.

About Night Catch, she says, “I love hearing how parents and grandparents get choked up reading it; it makes me feel like I’ve made a human connection and a tiny little difference.” Brenda feels honored to play a small part in supporting the sacrifices military families make through the distribution of her book.

Other books by Brenda include: Reading at Home A-Z, Hope Weavers,  SOUPer Reading: A Full Serving of Family Reading Support, and Me First!

Brenda was a reading and language arts teacher in Ohio and Washington before having children of her own. She and her husband, a minister, live in Beresford, South Dakota, where she continues to work in education.

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