Elva Resa Publishing is an independent publishing company based in Saint Paul, Minnesota. Our mission is to make a positive difference in people’s lives. We specialize in quality resources for and about military families.

Manuscript Submissions
Due to an increase in manuscript submissions, we have changed our submissions process to a call-for-manuscripts-only for all imprints.

Our previous submission period ended August 10, 2018.

Submission Guidelines
We are not currently accepting submissions.

For your reference and future planning, the following are basic submission guidelines:

  • We accept ONLY electronic submissions. Please do NOT mail us a hard copy.
  • Submissions must relate to military family life and support Elva Resa’s mission.
  • Your work must be original, written by you, and you must own the rights to your work.
  • Authors may submit directly or through an agent.
  • Among other requirements, you will need a description of your book, key competitive books and what makes yours different, relevant author experience, a marketing plan, and a completed manuscript.

Detailed guidelines will be posted with the next call for manuscripts. We accept submissions only during a call for manuscripts.

Thank you for your interest in Elva Resa Publishing.