Reviews for Seasons of My Military Student

Book Review: Seasons of My Military Student
(Military Spouse magazine, June 2018)
“This book is an absolute must-have for the parents and teachers of mil-kids, and a comprehensive tool in helping our military students thrive throughout transition,” writes Military Spouse book reviewer MJ Boice, a Marine spouse. “Seasons of My Military Student comes complete with conversation starters, tips and solutions aimed at educating and equipping parents, teachers, counselors … to work together in setting our kids up for success at their new schools.”

Time of the Season (Military Spouse Book Review, May 2018)
Seasons of My Military Student … out June 1st from that big-hearted powerhouse of a press, Elva Resa, publisher of many military-family-focused books … aims to provide parents with tools to help their children through multiple moves and life changes, acknowledging the hardships of this lifestyle while also celebrating the unique resiliency of  the military child,” writes MSBR reviewer Andria Williams, a Navy spouse and author. “Seasons doesn’t claim that any of this will be easy, but it does offer outstandingly warm, perceptive, and practical suggestions for making transitions as rewarding as possible for our military kids.”

Season of Change for Military Children
(Stars & Stripes, April 2018)
Amanda Trimillos and Stacy Allsbrook-Huisman, authors of Seasons of My Military Student: Practical Ideas for Parents and Teachers discuss helping military-connected students adjust to new learning environments with Stars and Stripes columnist Lisa Smith Molinari. “Let (students) lead the conversation, especially tweens and teens. Ask open-ended questions,” says Allsbrook-Huisman. “Kids are watching the way we handle moves, so remember not to project your feelings onto them.”

New Book Walks Parents, Educators Through MilKid Moves
(SpouseBUZZ, April 2018)
Amy Bushatz at SpouseBUZZ loves big binders! In this preview of Seasons of My Military Student she highlights key messages from the book, particularly the importance of knowing how to use the Interstate Compact on Educational Opportunity for Military Children and how to create an effective portable Education Binder. The book also emphasizes the power of parents and teachers working together as a team.

Six Ways a Portable Education Binder Eases School Changes
(Military Family Life, April 2018)
Military Family Life digs deeper into the Seasons Education Binder with these six ways the portable tool eases transitions for military-connected students. “More information about a new student lets me know where to seat the student and what skills or curriculum to focus on from the start,” says author Amanda Trimillos, a teacher as well as military parent, about the effectiveness of the binder.

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