Journaling Articles

Rachel Robertson is the author of Deployment Journal for Kids, Deployment Journal for Spouses, and Deployment Journal for Parents. Her journals are informed by her experience as a mom and military spouse. Rachel is a nationally-recognized expert in early learning, resilience, social and emotional development, early childhood education quality, and training in a variety of fields.

Journaling Articles

Write It Out: Journals Help Kids Process Emotions (Military Family Life)

Journaling is a great way to help kids sort out the feelings they have about military life. The benefits of journaling are numerous. Rachel offers suggestions to help kids of any age get started with a journal, grouped by tips for kids in preschool, grade school, middle and high school.

Four Healthy Benefits of Journaling During Deployment (Military Family Life)

Self-care and self-expression are important for military spouses going through the stresses of deployment, and journaling during deployment provides both, says Rachel. She shares thoughts about four key benefits.

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