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WBUR/NPR Here & Now, February 21, 2024
Host Peter O’Dowd talks with US combat veteran JT Blatty about her experience as photojournalist in Ukraine, and her book Snapshots Sent Home: From Afghanistan, Iraq, Ukraine—A Memoir.


Before the release of her memoir Snapshots Sent Home, JT Blatty exhibited photos and audio recordings in her Frontline / Peace Life collection, and shared her own war experiences as a combat veteran. Explore the links below to get to know Ukraine’s soldiers and JT’s meaningful experience as a documentary photojournalist in Ukraine.

Frontline / Peace Life

This collection of photographic portraits and recorded stories of Ukraine’s 2014 revolutionaries honors the ordinary men and women, most without military training, who self-deployed to the war in eastern Ukraine in 2014 and stopped the Russian insurgency in the Donbas. Unlike JT’s wartime experience as a US Army officer serving in Afghanistan and Iraq, the Ukrainian soldiers weren’t under a contract or an obligation to serve a government. They weren’t motivated by money or benefits or job security. This tribe was driven by something far more powerful––what they truly believed in and a vision for change. In 2018, JT began documenting their stories, walking alongside them on the front line and in the peace life. She says, “I’ve laughed with them, cried with them, drank far too much alcohol with them, raised glasses in memory with them, and after February 24th, when they again rose to fight and inspired the world, I suddenly realized that I had become one of them. There was once an undeniable thread woven between myself and the 2014 revolutionaries, the experience of war and the experience of a collision; when the impossible becomes possible, when everyone turns in towards each other instead of against each other, when a land we call home is invaded; my September 11th, 2001, and their Maidan, illegal annexation of Crimea and the insurgency into the Donbas in 2014. But February 24, 2022, bound us in a new way, because it became one that we shared together.”

View portraits of Ukraine’s 2014 revolutionaries taken by JT Blatty beginning in 2018.
Portraits by JT Blatty of Ukraine's 2014 Revolutionaries
Listen to the audio recordings.
Audio recordings by JT Blatty of Ukraine's 2014 Revolutionaries


The Ukrainian Institute of America (UIA), NYC
Art at the Institute, 2020–Present

Frontline / Peace Life: Ukraine’s Revolutionaries of the Forgotten War

Ukrainian Institute NYC, Art at the Institute, March 23, 2020 Online Exhibition Frontline Peace Life Ukraine’s Revolutionaries of the Forgotten War by JT Blatty
This Frontline / Peace Life exhibition opened on January 16, 2020 at The Ukrainian Institute of America (UIA) and now is available for viewing online. Co-curated by Walter Hoydysh, PhD, Director of Art at the Institute, and J.T. Blatty.


‘Ukraine: War and Resistance’ Minneapolis photo exhibit captures personal side of war, March 30, 2023
Coverage by Jared Goyette, KSMP Fox 9 Minneapolis

JT Blatty on Fox 9 KMSP 'Ukraine: War and Resistance' Minneapolis photo exhibit captures personal side of war
JT Blatty talks with Fox 9 KMSP about the portrayal of the war in Ukraine in the media. A free photo exhibit displayed at the Mill City Museum in Minneapolis in the spring of 2023 showcased a more personal side to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine that is not always seen by American audiences.


Ukraine From Revolution to War—In Photos, June 16, 2023
A new exhibit on display at the Annenberg School shows conflict and resilience in Ukraine, as documented by Ukrainian and American photojournalists.
Coverage by Hailey Reissman
(“Bearing Witness: Photographs from Ukraine,” an exhibition organized by the Center for Media at Risk at the Annenberg School for Communication at the University of Pennsylvania, the Fulbright Program in Ukraine, and the Institute for International Education)

Soldier Yulya Tolopa packs her daughter's suitcase in Kostyantynivka, Donetsk Region in January 2019 (Photo: J.T. Blatty)
Soldier Yulya Tolopa packs her daughter’s suitcase in Kostyantynivka, Donetsk Region in January 2019 (Photo: J.T. Blatty)
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