Circle of Catholic Women—Journal Two

Personal reflection and group sharing to help you deepen your faith and find balance in your everyday life

The second in this award-winning journal series tailored to Catholic women seeking deeper spiritual connections and life balance. Through personal journaling and group sharing, women explore prayer, rituals and traditions, relationships, spiritual role models, values and beliefs, discernment, and more. A thought-provoking, personal journal that inspires women to explore their spirituality and live their faith in daily life. Can be used individually or in a group or retreat setting. A companion facilitator guide makes it easy for program leaders to foster trusted circles within their parish communities.

Each journal in the series includes:

  • sections on prayer, traditions, relationships, role models, values, discernment, and life balance
  • Bible verses and references to Catholic documents and teachings
  • journaling prompts to encourage deeper personal reflection and application to daily life
  • group discussion questions and suggestions for group leaders
  • separate facilitator guide for added guidance and ideas for program leaders

The series is nonsequential so participants may begin with any journal in the series. Journal Two topics include:

  • spiritual intimacy and inspiration
  • personal rituals and routines
  • parents
  • spiritual role models Martha and Gianna Beretta Molla
  • modern science and technology
  • social justice—life and dignity
  • energy
Karen Pavlicin-Fragnito
Karen Pavlicin

Karen is the author of Surviving Deployment and Life After Deployment; the poem “Love Letters” in Military Life: Stories and Poems for Children; the children’s novel Perch, Mrs. Sackets, and Crow’s Nest/Summer of Courage; and the Circle of Catholic Women journals.

Midwest Book Awards Finalist

Midwest Book Awards – Finalist

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